A Typical Day...

6-7am Yoga

7-8am Breakfast

8-10 am Fitness Session

10 - 10.30am Morning Break

10.30 - 12 Fitness Session

12 - 2pm Lunch

2 - 3pm Guest Speaker

3 - 3.30pm Afternoon Break

3.30 - 4.30 pm Fitness Session

4.30 - 5.30pm Free time

5.30 - 7pm Dinner

7pm Evening Activites (Optional) / Free time

Fitness and Wellness Program

Sessions in between will vary between Fitness and Wellness and these will change daily every morning and afternoon.

Fitness Sessions

Our Fitness Instructors are very experienced in training a range of people with all different goals. They use a variety of exercise activities to keep you moving on your retreat.

They incorporate; Body Weight Circuits, HIIT sessions, Boxing, Strength Training, and of course using our stunning backyard for beach walks. All these programs are tailored to each of you, at any level.


Our yoga instructors have many years of experience and can accommodate any ability in Yoga. The main focus of our yoga is a gentle morning stretch to get us ready for the day and set our intentions. This is also a good way to warm up our bodies for our daily exercise to prevent injury.


A big part of weight loss and a health journey is spending time on creating a healthy mind. At Saltwater retreats, we really believe in working on aspects of your life to help in your health journey. Our Meditation facilitators will take you on a mental journey, to help relieve stress, reduce negative emotions, increase creativity, patience, motivation and help you focus on yourself in the present.


Guest Speakers


Our motivational speakers inspire our guests through their inspirational storytelling. They offer a new voice, a new approach, they have overcome life's obstacles and come through the other side, better than ever.


Seeking advice from a nutritionist is not just them lecturing you about what to eat and what not to eat. Fair to say you probably have a rough idea of what is good for you. But when it comes to weight loss there is so much more you need to know about nutrition. Our experienced and highly educated nutritionists are here to help guide you through this journey.


Food is involved in so many aspects of our life, there are a lot of emotions that come up around it. Happy, sad, angry times -food is something most people have strong associations around, whether consciously or not. As you get into changing your habits and establishing new ones, you're going to have some feelings. Whatever they may be, talking them out can help you work through it and make sure you stay on course.

Free Time

Extra activites

Free time has been spread throughout the week timetable so there is an abundance of activities that can be added to enhance your experience. There is large swimming pool a heated indoor pool and spa, tennis court and beautiful walks along the waters edge.
Or if you need help to book any treatments or private PT sessions please let us know.